• Reading Group Meeting 12.12.2011: ISMIR 2011 and Musicology

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    The discussed paper
    Associations between Musicology and Music Information Retrieval
    Kerstin Neubarth, Mathieu Bergeron and Darrell Conklin

    A higher level of interdisciplinary collaboration between
    music information retrieval (MIR) and musicology has been proposed both in terms of MIR tools for musicology, and musicological motivation and interpretation of MIR research. Applying association mining and content citation analysis methods to musicology references in ISMIR papers, this paper explores which musicological subject areas are of inter- est to MIR, whether references to specific musicology areas are significantly over-represented in specific MIR areas, and precisely why musicology is cited in MIR.

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    Knowledge Representation Issues in Musical Instrument Ontology Design

    Sefki Kolozali, Mathieu Barthet, György Fazekas, and Mark Sandler