• Reading Group: Previous Meetings (last Decade)

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    10 Mar 2009, 1 pm Essay series `Science and Music’, Nature Vol. 253/254.
    Each participant reviews briefly a chosen essay from this series.
    Charlie Inskip reviews: Damian Zanette – Playing by numbers
    Darrell Conklin reviews: David Huron – Lost in music
    Aline Honingh reviews: Philip Ball – Facing the music
    Ruben Hillewaere reviews: Michael Barron – Raising the roof
    Tillman Weyde reviews: Laurel Trainor – The neural roots of music
    24 Nov 2008, 2 pm ISMIR 2008 Overview
    Each participant reviews briefly a chosen paper from the conference.
    Aline Honingh reviews: M.T. Pearce, D. Muellensiefen and G.A. Wiggins – A Comparison of Statistical and Rule-based Models of Melodic Segmentation.
    Andy MacFarlane reviews: G. Peeters, D. Fenech and X. Rodet – MCIpa: A Music Content Information Player and Annotator for Discovering Music
    Darrell Conklin reviews: F. Pachet and P. Roy – Hit Song Science is Not Yet a Science
    Jens Wissmann reviews: A. Anglade and S. Dixon – Characterisation of Harmony With Inductive Logic Programming
    Charlie Inskip reviews: N. Corthaut, S. Govaerts, K. Verbert and E. Duval – Connecting the Dots: Music Metadata Generation, Schemas and Applications
    Michael Rausch reviews: F. Deliege, B.Y. Chua and T.B. Pedersen – High-Level Audio Features: Distributed Extraction and Similarity Search
    23 Oct 2008, 1 pm Charlie Inskip will give a presentation on a selection of talks from ISMIR 2008
    24 July 2008, 3pm CIM08 Overview
    Mathieu Bergeron reviews: Extracting musical structure from multi-modal performance analysis
    Darrell Conklin reviews: Automatic Classification of Turkish Traditional Art Music Recordings by Arel Theory
    Aline Honingh reviews: Tonal vs atonal: Perception and tonal hierarchies
    Jens Wissmann reviews: Musical meaning and logical inference from the perspective of Peircean pragmatism
    Tillman Weyde reviews: Perceptual evaluation of models for music segmentation
    17 June 2008, 11am Clifton Callender, Ian Quinn, Dmitri Tymoczko Generalized Voice-Leading Spaces. Science Vol. 320. no. 5874, pp. 346 – 348
    and Rachel Wells Hall Geometrical Music Theory. Science 18 April 2008: 328-329
    29 April 2008, 11am Isabelle Peretz and Robert J. Zatorre Brain organization for music processing. Annual Review of Psychology 56, p.89-114. 2005
    8 February 2008, 4pm Catherine Guastavino, Fabrice Marandola and Godfried Toussaint. Perception of meter similarity in flamenco music. Proceedings of the 2007 annual conference of the Canadian Acoustical Association 35(3), p.46-47. October 2007
    12 December 2007 ISMIR 2007 Overview
    Mathieu Bergeron reviews: Transposition-Invariant Self-Similarity Matrices
    Andrew MacFarlane reviews: The Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange “Do-It-Yourself” Web Service
    Charles Inskip reviews: Finding New Music: A Diary Study of Everyday Encounters with Novel Songs
    Darrell Conklin reviews: An Analysis of the Mongeau-Sankoff Algorithm for Music Information Retrieval and Towards Integration of MIR and Folk Song Research
    Amélie Anglade reviews: Towards a human-friendly melody characterization by automatically induced rules and comments on her paper Virtual communities for creating shared music channels
    Kerstin Neurbath reviews: ATTA: Implementing GTTM on a computer
    Tillman Weyde reviews: Discovering Chord Idioms Through Beatles and Real Book Songs
    Jens Wissmann reviews: The Music Ontology
    November 2007 No meeting
    24 October 2007 David Huron. Tone and Voice: A Derivation of the Rules of Voice-leading from Perceptual Principles. Music Perception, Vol. 19, No. 1 (2001) pp. 1-64.
    10 October 2007 John Rahn. Cool tools: Polysemic and non-commutative Nets, subchain decompositions and cross-projecting pre-orders, object-graphs, chain-hom-sets and chain-label-hom-sets, forgetful functions, free categories of a Net, and ghosts. Journal of Mathematics and Music Vol. 1, No. 1, March 2007, 7-22
    September 2007 No meeting
    August 2007 No meeting
    25 July 2007 Geoffroy Peeters, Amaury La Burthe, Xavier Rodet. Toward Automatic Music Audio Summary Generation from Signal Analysis. In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) Paris (France) 2002
    27 June 2007 Jin Ha Lee, and J. Stephen Downie, ”Survey of music information needs, uses, and seeking behaviours: Preliminary findings”, In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Barcelona, Spain, 2004.
    9 May 2007 Shalev Itzkovitz et al. Recurring Harmonic Walks and Network Motifs in Western Music. Advances in Complex Systems, Vol. 9 No 1/2, 121-132, 2006.
    18 April 2007 Alan Marsden. Generative Structural Representation of Tonal Music. Journal of New Music Research, Vol. 34, 409�428, 2005.
    7 March 2007 Dmitri Tymoczko. The Geometry of Musical Chords. Science 313: 72-74 2006.
    14 February 2007 (1) David Huron and Joshua Veltman. A Cognitive Approach to Medieval Mode: Evidence for an Historical Antecedent to the Major/Minor System. Empirical Musicology Review. Vol. 1. No. 1. 2006
    (2) Frans Wiering. Comment on Huron and Veltman: Does a Cognitive Approach to Mode Make Sense? Empirical Musicology Review. Vol. 1 No. 1. 2006