• Reading Group Meeting 25.01.2012: To be or not to be – on the non-existence of music

    by  • January 18, 2012 • News, Reading Group

    Our next session will be next Wednesday, 25.01.2012, at 1pm,
    inviting you all and others interested to the discussion of the following paper:

    On the non-existence of music: Why music theory is a figment of the imagination.
    Geraint Wiggins, Daniel M├╝llensiefen. and Marcus T. Pearce

    We argue for an approach to the theory of music which starts from the position that music is primarily a construct of human minds (and secondarily a social
    construct) and contrast it with the approach implicit in the work of some music theorists, which treats music as though it were an externally defined quasi-Platonic absolute. We argue that a natural conclusion of this approach is that music theory, while already being a kind of folk psychology, can benefit from being more explicitly informed by music cognition studies.

    Room tba. See you there, kindly