• Reading Group Meeting 13.03.2013: Music Information Retrieval Meets Music Education

    by  • February 25, 2013 • News, Reading Group

    Our next session will be on Wednesday  13.03.2013, 4:30pm, XXX room changed to A112 XXX (College Building), inviting you all and others interested to the discussion of the following paper:

    C. Dittmar, E. Cano, J. Abesser, and S. Grollmisch, “Music Information Retrieval Meets Music Education,” in Multimodal Music Processing, Dagstuhl Follow-Ups, M. Müller, M. Goto, and M. Schedl (Eds.), pp. 95–120, 2012.

    This paper addresses the use of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) techniques in music education and their integration in learning software. A general overview of systems that are either commercially available or in research stage is presented. Furthermore, three well-known MIR methods used in music learning systems and their state-of-the-art are described: music transcription, solo and accompaniment track creation, and generation of performance instructions. As a representative example of a music learning system developed within the MIR community, the Songs2See software is outlined. Finally, challenges and directions for future research are described.