• Introduction: Music Informatics Reading Group

    by  • September 13, 2011 • News, Reading Group

    For all of those new to this list, a quick description of the groups general interests:

    Open discussions based on one or two papers, or one talk per session will be held on a monthly basis. For upcoming dates, please let us know when you are available by updating the doodle session at http://doodle.com/iinzng5xn2a79tif.

    If you’re from outside City University please contact Daniel Wolff or Tillman Weyde to get an invitation.

    The groups general topics include but are not limited to

    • music information retrieval
    • music synthesis and compositional tools
    • interfaces for music access and generation as well as their
    • application in artistic contexts or media industry
    • general content classification schemes and tagging methods
    • music in social networks and collaborative annotation
    • music cognition

    We are collecting suggestions for individual session topics, including

    • interesting papers and publications
    • presentations related to own current or past research,
    • further topics of general interest

    Previously discussed topics include: